Money Wellbeing

LinkedIn feature Today, I am grateful to have my thoughts on Money Wellness shared by Balance – Living your life in equilibrium. Thanks, team, love your group! 

My money story I am a very independent person. Since I went to Munich as an Au Pair after finishing school, I have been looking after myself. I can remember earning DM350 (Deutsch Mark – German currency before the Euro). I had to buy a monthly transport pass which was DM100. The rest was for spending, clothes, and any travel I wanted to do. I remember visiting Salzburg for a day with friends.

The trip cost DM100 for the ticket, all the entrance fees, and lunch. I handed the tour leader the note and jokingly said that it was the last of those bills I had for the month… only to open my wallet later and notice that I still had the DM100. I realized with a shock that I had given him a DM10 note – both notes were blue, and I hadn’t noticed.

Oh, my word! I have never been so embarrassed. I turned to Peter in shame, telling him that I had just realized. He laughed, and we swapped notes. Since then, I don’t joke about the amount of money I have in my account anymore. I double-check whenever I pay anyone with cash, and I think twice before spending money, I really cannot afford to spend.

Being an Au Pair taught me how to optimize my monthly allowance and get the most out of my money by budgeting, prioritizing, and shopping around. These lessons have served me well since.