Everyone changes the world

Have you ever considered that every action you take will change the course of the world forever? We live life almost on autopilot most of the time, with a ‘come what may’ approach. Choices are made in split seconds without much thought of the outcomes.

After all, what business is it of the human race, the universe in fact, if you decide to stop at KFC for lunch vs. going home to make a sandwich? Yes, sure, if you are the person flipping the switch on a nuclear bomb being fired, I understand your decision could change the timeline of the world dramatically, but honestly… how many choices lead to that kind of outcome.

Well, I watched a show the other day when I heard this line: ‘Everyone changes the world.’

It made me think of those movies where the galaxy's protectors have to stop time travelers from coming to earth to avoid them changing the timeline dramatically. Because then nothing would ever be the same again. If you could go back in time, and you could perform a single act in the past that would ensure you amass a fortune in your reality, would you not be tempted to take that chance? Or secure the perfect job? Or set up events in such a way that you meet your soulmate first time round?

Every action we take, every decision we make actually changes what will happen next. And what happens next influences the entire timeline of the world from that point onwards.

I have mixed feelings about this. At first, I felt a little cheated – no one of those shows with the protectors of the galaxy ever said anything about us changing our own timeline! But then on the other hand, how amazing is that! Everything you do changes the world for everyone in perpetuity. That tapestry looks different somehow because of the choice you made today.

I believe we know this subconsciously – our reactions and choices determine where we end up. So, it makes me wonder… what have I, or rather we, done collectively to end up here? What could we have done differently to have avoided the current pandemic, for example? Forget about the world; consider where you are and what has led you to this very moment.

Perhaps now would be an excellent time to take stock of our lives and our choices. We must consider what effect we would have on our lives, the lives of others, and the planet with the choices we make.

So, in my opinion, we should all try to live our best life every day. Make the decisions that will make your heart sing or make your soul smile. Focusing on being mindful of our actions. This way, your choices may help make the planet a better place, and the future may be a little bit brighter for humanity.