Celebrate what’s right with the world!

Syringa Tree

I was introduced to an inspirational video by Dewitt Jones – Celebrate what’s right with the world – many years ago. It was indeed one of the most inspiring, mind-blowing videos I have ever seen. What Dewitt said, in such a quiet, down to earth manner, was so profound! Since then, the video seems to pop up occasionally magically… mostly when I need a boost of inspiration or feel down and out.

Yesterday was just such a day. I was feeling particularly defeated and drained when I woke up to the realization that we are back to having a curfew, having our right to purchase alcohol revoked with immediate effect (I don’t drink that much), still not being able to buy cigarettes legally (I don’t smoke) and a cold, bleak grey winters morning outside (I am really not a winters person). I found myself feeling like a teenager that has been grounded for something someone else did.

With our world already disrupted, and South Africa’s lockdown level 3 sounding more like level 5, I found my emotions darting around on the change acceptance curve from acceptance to shock, and denial to depression. At that moment, Dewitt’s video appeared on my LinkedIn feed and reminded me once again that it only takes a shift of perspective or a change of the lens you view the world with to move from ‘good shot to great shot,’ and it is up to me to make that shift.

In those 18 minutes, I realized that I alone could change my perspective. I alone could stop wallowing and get out of the pool of self-pity. Sadly, I did not change my lens immediately. I kept stewing in my mood for the rest of the day. But as I went to sleep last night, I gave thanks for all the blessings I have in my life. I gave thanks for my family and friends, my job, and for being alive and well.

Today I woke up happy, content, and with a changed lens. My view has gone from good to great. As I look out of my window, I can see the berries on the Syringa tree in my garden despite the greyness of winter. The branches are etched against a clear blue sky, and it struck me that had it been in the middle of summer, I would not have been able to see the branches silhouetted against the morning sky because leaves would have covered it. I am looking at the birdies coming to the various feeding stations set up in my garden, and I am listening to them sing, and all seems well in the world.

Today I choose to change my perspective, I am focusing on the beauty and not the fear, and I choose to love and appreciate it. And for now, I am choosing not to react to the negativity and despair in the world.

Tomorrow may be different, but today, I am choosing to celebrate what’s right with the world!
Dewitt Jones Celebrate what’s right with the world