Kudos to my team!

High performance team
RCP Africa March 2020

The last 3 months have been challenging in many ways. Having to adapt to changes in how we work, live, and think has been hard for everyone. A global pandemic of this scale was never in the cards or top of mind for most of us, until it happened.

Yes, we were shocked, went into denial, got angry, bargained, became depressed. Yet, we got our masks out and weathered the storms. We have moved on. We are at the cusp of changing how work is done forever and it is exciting. We have finally understood and are starting to accept.

I have found it inspiring to see how people have reached inside themselves and dug deeper every time it was demanded. Going through uncertainty, people still showed up. When fear, shock, and horror gripped us, I have seen ordinary people get up and go further, beyond what was expected.

It makes me proud to work with a team that is loyal, dedicated, and determined to achieve our goals. As numbers dwindled, my team has picked up the extra tasks and soldiered on. I am proud to work with each and every one of you.

Thank you for your support and resilience. #myteam #proudtowork #thankyou #yourock; Arvind Seetohul (MBA); Carl Gordon PMP; Anlie Theunissen; Nelene Smit; Gabriel Seeletsa; Mashao Shai; Jane Ngugi; Melanie Van Vuuren; Simone du Plessis; Arshad Dossa